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we care about quality

Here at Breakfast At Dominique’s, we believe small businesses have to stick together. Our 100% fair trade organic coffee is sourced from a small woman-owned roastery in Ohio, USA, where each bag is crafted with care and attention by an artisanal roaster.

Each flavored blend is created with the most natural flavoring available on the market.

Our Story

What other brand of coffee do you know of that was dreamt up and created while binging reruns of White Collar during a global pandemic?

Coming from nonstop work in the entertainment industry to being home in small-town Arkansas for months straight, I decided to finally check “do something productive with my coffee obsession” off my list of life goals. Thus, Breakfast At Dominique’s was born.

My brand is a nod to classic Hollywood – an era of stars that were larger than life. You’ll find that each blend is created to represent a beloved icon – someone who pursued their dreams and built an untouchable legacy. That’s what I find more inspiring than anything, and I hope you do too.

Here’s to coffee, movies, legacies, and you. Enjoy!

– Dominique B. (Creator + Owner)

we aim to do good

A variety of our coffees support deserving organizations whose work makes the world a better place. 
From Hounds in Pounds, a dog rescue that says “yes” when others say “no,” to Healthy Humor, an arts organization using laughter for good, you can treat yourself AND help when drinking Breakfast At Dominique’s coffee.


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A Q&A with Jeri Mae James

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Coffee and Father

Coffee and Father

“He guzzles down at least twenty cups of coffee every day.” So wrote a publicist about my father, Gerald Mohr, in a 1952 letter sent to Hollywood’s moguls at the time: Howard Hughes, Jack L. Warner, Dore Schary, Louis B. Mayer, and Y. Frank Freeman. Hughes ran RKO...

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